School of House takes your music career to the next level.

The School of House (TSOH) is a new collective spin on electronic music education — a DIY e-learning platform within a serious music industry network in which anyone and everyone is invited to participate. TSOH is a catalyst, dedicated to boosting careers.

TSOH is Amsterdam’s leading e-learning platform at the intersection of education and showcase/network platform – founded together with Dutch dance enterprise ID&T in 2015. We offer a rich programme, spotlighting the stories behind the music that matters most. is the digital companion to the venue of its sister, the physical School of House in the A’DAM Tower in Amsterdam.
School of House takes your music career to the next level.


The School of House was founded on the idea of sharing 30 years of knowledge and experience in electronic music and dance events with new generations across the continents.

Our aim is to focus on knowledge transfer within the dance industry, through master classes – standing on the shoulder of giants.

We wish to further dance music culture, by instilling a deeper understanding of the history and core values of dance music. We’re a world-wide network, through which the exchange of knowledge, experience and opportunities helps both the status quo and the new generation.

Past, present & future

In the past five years, over 2500 talents from all over the world have followed our classes at the A’DAM Tower – in the fields of Music & Production, Artist Business or Events & Organisation.

Together with the Conservatory of Amsterdam, we’ve set up the Amsterdam Electronic Music Academy (AEMA), the first two-year course of its kind, educating talented musicians to become professional DJ/producers.

With the launch of The School of House’s e-learning platform, we’re reaching out to aspiring and upcoming musicians around the globe.
Past, present & future

TSOH Amsterdam | Our HQ

The School of House Amsterdam offers private in-house education and guest modules in collaboration with renowned institutions such as the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Ableton.

Courses and masterclasses cover three levels of the industry; Event, Artist and Music. The content of the courses varies from event organisation and music production to masterclasses in stage management and artist booking.

Teachers include DJ producers, event organisers, club managers and artist bookers who are currently topping the international dance industry.

In the lessons, students meet a wide range of guest speakers and professionals who pay a lot of attention to practical aspects of their work, like Duncan Stutterheim, Nicky Romero, Joris Voorn, Steve Rachmad and Secret Cinema.

Aside from industry knowledge, The School of House opens up an extensive network and possibilities to generate work experience, internships and jobs for the most talented participants – in addition to professionals and ambassadors.
TSOH Amsterdam | Our HQ

Vision on the Industry

We live in a digital age, with an overwhelming expanse of music, content and artists. The big question is, how will you stand out? We believe the following subjects are essential in artist career development:

• Quality music comes first, but equally fundamental are a great record collection and storytelling

• Knowledge of the history of House and the electronic music spectrum

• An artist profile that suits you well, to start building your fan base

• A career plan focusing on your network; bookers, labels, media contacts, club promoters and dj/producers in your field

To upgrade your knowledge, we’ve implemented these learning subjects in our courses, inspiring interviews and masterclasses. Our courses consist of inspiring video education and in-depth workbooks.

Once you’ve finished your course(s), our professionals can give you detailed feedback on various subjects like your music, artist profile, marketing and event concept.

Also, we can open our network, connecting you with our extended list of partners to find the right business match and opening in the industry.

Are you ready to start your career in electronic music and become the artist you could be? Sign up and start your journey now. Contact one of our coaches anytime, for tailor-made career advice.
Vision on the Industry

Developing Your Own Sound

The dance music economy is at an alltime high. Within the last 25 years, the DJ has become the pop star of the 21st century.

At the same time, the traditional divide between the DJ and the producer has diminished. Creating and performing your own music – live or in DJ-sets – is essential for a successful career as a Dance artist.

But whether you're performing at a sold-out stadium event, or do the warm-up session in the back room of a small club, one thing has remained the same: the chemistry between performer and audience.

When the artist can win over the audience with their sound, a magical synergy arises. When they fails, the evening ends in an anticlimax. How can you develop the sound that suits you? And how do you bring this sound across effectively to your audience?

Are you an entertainer and party starter? Or an educator that tells a story? What’s the angle of your productions? Analog or digital? Commercial or credible? Vinyl, laptop or hybrid? Underground or mainstream?

At The School of House platform, we investigate all art forms, cultural influences, differences, history and innovation, and try to learn from each other.

A lack of creativity and creating new conceptual ideas is the most common problem artists and event creators face. Besides content, storytelling, marketing, sales and other subjects, our education platform focuses strongly on originality and the roots of our students.
Developing Your Own Sound

Our Method

Be aware that competition in the industry is fierce, and success depends on experience, skills, contacts, talent, determination and the most elusive factor of all: luck.

A successful career can be seen as an open-ended megamix of knowledge, networks and skills, interlocking in endless ways. Our courses are set up in such a way, that one topic overflows into the other.

We can’t stress the importance of collaboration and collective work enough. Your road is a multi-directional one, and you've got to learn to think eclectically and work flexibly.

There are many people from a range of disciplines who will be crucial in the final outcome of your upcoming album, track or event.

Even the most homespun endeavors and dreams must one day see a streak of daylight, and then you simply have to learn to negotiate with producers to PR agencies, understand contract(s), find an agent and fully understand your gear.

Knowing how to collaborate and understand the scope of your business allows for a huge amount of freedom.
Our Method

Practical Learning

The entire set up of intertwining courses is the e-learning equivalent of walking into a party, a record label, PR agency, or studio, and simply allowing yourself to learn, network, create and be part of the industry.

We act as a link between the physical dance floor culture and its digital manifestations, and you're invited to create your own take on it.

Chances are that your creative endeavor will land in a good place, because you’ve kept your audience, peers and clients at the heart of the process.
Practical Learning

Dance Music Heritage

We care about the past, present and future and the love of electronic music connects the courses.

We pick up the thread, pay homage and follow in the 4-to-the-floor-footsteps while lifting the curtain to fully reveal how everything works.

We can’t thank all dance music pioneers enough for the tremendous love they've brought through music. Our platform provides context to the music that means the world to you.

We continuously pay tribute to those who made it happen, acknowledging their imprint on the scene and its international roots.
Dance Music Heritage